Heave Blood & Die is a unique band. Through their uncompromising and naughty stoner-doom, they have soon won a reputation as one of Norway’s most exciting live bands. The Tromsø band released their second album “Vol. II” earlier this year, which has been unequivocally celebrated in Norwegian and international press. «World class», «Death grip against boredom», «Album of the year», «Flagship in their own genre». Heave Blood & Die has since their debut developed their distinctive sound of playful genre overruns – something that transmits to a very energetic live expression. Their unique use of synth, unforeseen harmonies, pedal work and playful drums shows how the band is different from anything else you’ve heard before.
The former Bukta Battle winners have worked hard and purposefully, and managed to give out two amazing albums in little under two years. The band has taken great musical steps in recent years with their dark and emotional expression, and has really begun to build a name for themselves outside of county and country borders. With prestigious industry gigs at by:Larm, Trondheim Calling and as a finalist in the URØRT Final in 2018, we can expect a hungry and tight band that has a lot to show for. Heave Blood & Die’s outstanding musical creature and hard-hitting live shows are really something else. You should blast this shit right now!



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