Norwegian rock heroes to Bukta!

Norwegian rock heroes to Bukta!

Dumdumdumdumdum…we continue to release one band a week now until Christmas and today we can reveal that we are getting the Norwegian live favorites DUMDUM BOYS back to Bukta!

Dumdum Boys is one of the most requested bands to play at Bukta. And we are more than happy to say that we have booked them back to the festival next year. They provide incredible live shows and are always a winner on our festival stage.

The band from Trondheim has been in the Norwegian music scene for decades and is considered one of Norways best live bands. Together with Raga Rockers, Jokke & Valentinerne and deLillos they led the big wave that spread across the country and made Norwegian rock cool and very popular – even to this day! The band has dominated awards show, charts and concert venues and have songs stated as national treasures such as “Splitter Pine”, “Enhjørning”, “Englefjes”, “Stjernesludd”, “Metallic Hvit”, “En vill en” and “Slave” to name a few. The newspaper iTromsø gave the band a solid six when they played in Tromsø earlier this year and said as follow: I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen them live, but there’s always this feeling of witnessing masters of their craft whenever you see the band perform on stage. This was no execption.

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