A Million Pineapples

A Million Pineapples NO

Saturday - 18:30

Little Henrik

A Million Pineapple consists of four Tromsø girls who love the combination of pineapples and music. They come as a breath of fresh air with their melodic and alternative indie rock, with clear inspirations from in the indie pioneers in Pavement, Wilco and Pixies. The quartet has really gained momentum with a number of acclaimed gigs around Tromsø in recent years. This year they won Bukta Battle. In addition, the girls in December 2017 were awarded the Tromsø Municipality’s Culture Grant. They also came in 2-place at this year’s Rock Mot Rus – and are undoubtedly a forward-looking young band to experience live! A million Pineapples radiates an incredible energy and has developed a unique sound signature. The band is playful and seems like they really enjoy to be on a stage and their energy is spreading to the audience. Even though the winter has a strong hold on Tromsø, it seems that the spring comes early with A Million Pineapples.

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