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Friday - 18:50


It’s certainly about time to invite Bob Hund back to Tromsø and Bukta! We are really looking forward to this! The band bursts with creativity and has a unique ability to constantly challenge themself. With its quirky indie rock-embossed song universe and timeless hits such as «Nu Är det Väl Revolution På Gång?», «Tralala Lilla Molntuss, Kom Hit Ska Du Få En Puss” and «Tinnitus I Hjärtet» . They have a new single out and a brand new album is coming in May.

Vocalist Thomas Öberg should be said to be one of Scandinavia’s definitely most eccentric vocalists and the band is full of experimental pranks, fun and games. Six individuals who do not fit in but who fit perfectly together, as they say.  Bob Hund is magical, unforgettable and very cool!

Bob Hund plays on the Telegrafbukta scene on Friday 19 July 2019.

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