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Halvdan Sivertsen no

One of the Norways most popular artists is 70 years old next year and we have to celebrate! Halvdan Sivertsen, the man from Bodø with his warm heart is coming to Telegrafbukta next year. He has delivered quality music for nearly fifty years, songs such as “Sommerfuggel i vinterland”, “Kjærlighetsvisa”, “Nordaførr-Vårvisa” and “Ti tusen tommetotta” to name a few. Halvdan has become part of the Norwegian school books and is simply a hugely important part of our cultural heritage.

Loved by everyone – old and young.  Halvdan is a solid entertainer and takes us on a journey through humor and deepest seriousness, laughter and tears. With views of everything from ourselves, the world around us and the time we live in. The music really withstands the tooth of time and continues to remain relevant to this day. You can’t really miss it!


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