Kosmik Boogie Tribe

Kosmik Boogie Tribe NO

Kosmik Boogie Tribe plays rock n roll, and they play rock n roll as it should be played. Heavy, loud and with a good portion of humour! There is probably no one who will claim that KBT invents the gunpowder, but that doesn’t matter – good rock is good rock! Band leader Reverend Chicken Head Morten, or Morten Mormone Lunde and his puppets are inspired by Cosmic Psychos, The Dictators, Motörhead, Dead Moon and many others. The music they play is nevertheless no pastisj or blueprint of old heroes from bygone times, this is raw and unpretentious music – straight from the liver – which may more than anything else feel like a well-placed kick in the ball region to all artist who think music should be serious and timely.


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