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Lisa Skoglund is an authentic songwriter who tells stories of unresolved emotions between people, and guides ut safely through feelings we rarely dare to explore. She packs it all up elegantly in a playful pop landscape that oozes musical ingenuity, giving you chills and warms your soul at the same time. In October 2017, Lisa Skoglund released the wonderful single “Hjertefyll” and earned a lot of attention in the wake. Now she is back with the beautiful single “Falle Der Æ Står”. The combination of strong poetry and a unique ans passionate delivery makes Lisa Skoglund one of the strongest and most beautiful pop voices we have here in the north.

Lisa is known for her intense concert experiences. And she has her own ability to grab the audience by putting words and melodies to the truly big feelings. A rare talent, with an enormous songwriting talent that has really had a formidable development over the last six months. It’s going to be crazy in front of the stage at Little Henrik when Lisa enters the stage, and it’s definitely not going to be any dry eyes when she’s done.

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